Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I get to Landmark Medical Center?

You will have an initial assessment with a licensed mental health professional, and if hospitalization is indicated we will assist you through the admission process. You will meet with nursing staff who will ask a few more questions to ensure your safety and comfort as well as orient you to the patient care unit and answer any questions that you may have. Your belongings will be inventoried to ensure safety, and a picture will be taken of all patients to assist with the proper identification of a patient while they are in a hospital unit.

If, after the initial assessment it is determined that you do not need services provided by Landmark Medical Center we will assist you in finding those services that are appropriate. The Intake & Referral clinician will provide a written list of outside professionals and/or programs and services.

How long will I stay?

The length of stay is determined on an individual basis with consideration of each patient’s treatment and discharge plans. A patient’s stay will be determined through consultation with one’s treatment team, under the direction of the attending psychiatrist.

Will my health insurance cover my stay?

Landmark Medical contracts with a variety of third-party providers. For more information about managed care agreements or other financial arrangements, please call our Business Office at 1-909-593-2585.

What should I bring with me?

Please bring five days’ worth of clothes, pajamas, socks, undergarments, and a pair of shoes. Please no glass or aerosol containers. Any clothing with drawstrings, belts, wires, and laces is prohibited. Please bring any medication you may be taking. This will help us prescribe the correct medication and dosages. We will provide you with medication during your stay. Each unit has a washer and dryer available to do laundry.

What is Landmark’s policy on music listening devices?

The only flash/thumb drives that will be acceptable are the sliding type.

Click here to download a PDF with examples of images and types of music-listening devices that are allowed.

What can I expect from the discharge process at Landmark Medical Center?

Continuing care planning begins on the day of admission and is coordinated with your treatment team and case manager. You and your assigned case manager will develop a comprehensive continuing care plan that includes, but is not limited to; follow-up appointments with aftercare providers, crisis plan, and support group information.

How much medication will I receive when I am discharged from Landmark Medical Center?

Upon leaving the facility, you will receive a prescription from your physician if appropriate to help you maintain your medication. While it may vary on a case-by-case basis, the typical prescription is for a month’s supply. You can discuss this with your physician before discharge.

Will I get any paperwork when I am discharged?

Upon discharge, you will receive a copy of your continuing care/discharge plan. This document will list your aftercare appointment(s), your safety plan, as well as information regarding your diagnosis and discharge medication, as appropriate.