Group Placement Philosophy /
Criteria for Group Assignment

Assessment Level Silver

man lying down on a couch ponderingAll new admissions will initially be placed in this group to assist the resident in acclimating to the facility as well as to assess the residents’ level of functioning so as to determine the proper course of treatment.

Concentrated Treatment Level Green

woman holding a pillow and cryingResidents who are unable to tolerate the standard groups or who have minimal participation in the program may be referred to this group. The intent is to create involvement on a more individual basis to ensure regular interaction between the resident and group leader.

Treatment Level Purple and Red

woman leaning over a couch thinkingThese levels are designed to assist residents who are lower functioning. The goal being is to assist residents in meeting some realistic treatment goals, engage the resident in the treatment process, and to prepare the resident to move to the next level. Groups are generally more activity based with minimal pressure to perform verbally.

Treatment Level Orange and Pink

woman embracing a dogThese levels are designed to assist residents who continue to manifest symptoms related to their illness (i.e. poor impulse control, lack of insight, delusions and hallucinations to the point of regularly interfering with their ability to interact with others etc.) The intent of this level is to assist residents to learn new coping strategies for managing their symptoms, to reintroduce them to familiar tasks, and to prepare them for discharge.

Treatment Level Yellow and Gold

elderly couple embracingThese levels are designed to prepare the resident for a successful transition back into the community. Residents have already displayed an improvement in managing their symptoms but still need some social skills training. The residents at these levels focus on social skills and community based activities to prepare them for re-entry into the community.