Landmark Medical Center

  • All visitors will be required to wear a mask and face shield – per current CDC guidelines (all PPE will be provided by facility; PPE may include gown).
  • All visitors will be asked to remain behind a barrier.
  • One visitor per client per appointment time.
  • Appointments are 30 minutes in duration.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes prior to the appointment to allow time for screening questions and putting on given PPE.
  • No physical contact will be allowed with the resident.
  • The only personal items allowed to be brought in during visits are keys, phone, and wallet.
  • No food or beverages will be allowed.
  • No items will be allowed to be dropped off. This must be done during office business hours.
  • Visits must be booked in advance. No walk-ins allowed.
  • Deadline for appointments is noon on Friday.
  • You will receive a “Visitation Confirmation Letter” and it must be shown to staff upon arrival at Landmark for visit or
  • Save on your device and present it to staff upon arrival at Landmark for visit.
  • Even if you have a “Visit Confirmation Letter” if you are not pre-printed in the visitors screening log you will not be able to visit.

If you arrive late to visit, time cannot be made up and your visit will have to be cut short limited to remaining time.

Visiting appointment times available-

  • Schedule appointment(s) on website:
  • Saturday and/or Sunday
  • 2PM, 2:45PM, and 3:30 PM

EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 15, 2021, COVID-19 tests will be required for ALL visitors regardless of vaccine status. Results will need to be shown prior to visit. We strongly recommend PCR test with results within 72 hours of scheduled visit.

Due to the nature of our population, we cannot guarantee staff availability to read results of Point of Care Antigen test. Point of care antigen test results take 15 minutes to receive. If you require this test to be done at the facility, we recommend arriving 30 minutes prior to visit time.